Monday, September 10, 2012

Genius is not always Right: Apple Ad Review

Apple aired a series of 3 ads for Olympics 2012 focusing on adventures of one of its "Genius" employees.In one of its ad Genius help passengers on a plane to accomplish an important task using apple's app. In another one, he helps a soon-to-be-father to capture the special moments of fatherhood by using apple products. AN din the last one, he makes a man realise that not that every mac he buys is an actual mac. Because an apple-mac is loaded with all new apps and features which are inbuilt.

Apple needs to be more creative in its ads to outshine the apple users from others.  Neither the storyline, nor the graphics were up to the mark to match up the apple-level of creativity. Apparently the music was also not-so different giving a feel of apple. Seems like the apple creative agency  was running out its deadline, so they have to just present something rather than nothing. Or it was an experiment, which failed miserably. Seeing the negative response of the viewers apple didn't aired the ads after the first half of Olympics. Further in the interviews, the authorities claim that the ads were planned only for the first half. What's the inside story that apple only knows. 

But its confirmed that this failure is not going to result in any financial losses or popularity. Its well said that only humans make mistakes. Therefore it would not be wrong to say that even a genius can be wrong in its approach. 

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Evergreen Publicity: Word-of-Mouth

Advertisement is something which all the brands are taking it to aggressively so overshadow other competitor brands. From pen to Picture, every product or service has an advertisement today. Some are classy like Audi, BMA, KBC, Airtel, etc whereas low budget brands and government organisations still have lousy ads. Film stars and sports player making the best out of it. As soon as their movie gets hit or player make some record, their signing charges increases. More famous and costly the brand ambassador is, it directly reflects on the brand image.

But its sad to say that brands are doing everything to be the top players. Although just spending on the ads does not solves the purpose. Having so many competitor brands in the industry it becomes mandatory for brands to maintain on the quality. Because they cant take a chance to loose a customer because of quality reasons, which will lead to bad word-of-mouth publicity. Then no ad would be able to fix this up

Experiential marketing is something which is also gaining popularity now a days. Potential customers get a chance to experience the product like automobile companies have started conducted test drives free of cost at a mass level that too in a fun way. This gives a platform to brands to interact with customers and take their crucial feedback which can help them understand the pros and cons in their product, if any. 

If you plan to buy a car, you decide the budget first and look for options which fall in your budget line. Discuss with your colleagues and friends and take their reviews. Analyse all the pros and cons, which include durability, mileage, pre sale services, post sale services which are very important in case of automobile as it needs constant servicing. Ads would be something which would inspire you to go for a product but collecting feedback from peer group and internet would be the first thing you would go for.

Therefore the brands should understand when they are spending millions on ads they should also simultaneously work on the quality of their products to keep them updated and try to revise it periodically to overcome its cons. Quality  increases your customer base and people come to know about it  through word of mouth publicity. More and more platforms should be designed for one to one interaction with customers. And these interactions should also result into actions.

Brands should also initiate their customers to write about the reviews on their websites as the culture of reviewing through internet is increasing. This reduces their effort of research and is convenient.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Twist & Turns: Marketing

Marketing has evolved and taken various shapes since its inception. The time when shopkeepers used to insist his daily customers to buy a particular product, he didn't knew he is giving birth to the future of marketing. Initially when companies started using internet to post details about their products and its features on their company's websites, they didn't knew that this would lead to digital or social media marketing. Since my childhood I have been witnessing how marketing has take various twist & turns to evolve itself. Who can predict what the future is going to be? Techological advancements are taking it away from just being ATL(Outdoor advertising) or BTL (events & promotions) towards internet based efforts.

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